Searching for my Grandmother
I explore the relationship between memory and photography to imagine her present place in the world she left behind. I still think of her often, nevertheless removed by distance, time, and state of being. The search comes from a yearning for more images and an active process of remembrance. First, I searched for her in other Grandmothers. The time spent with these women - playing cards, indulging sweet tooth’s, sitting around warm kitchen tables - confused the past and the present. Next, I turned to her belongings. I keep with me several of her personal objects: her lotion, a broken bracelet, correspondence from her brother during the war, the pie recipes she taught me to make, and a letter that she wrote me the same autumn that she died, to name a few. I photographed my collection and put them in a photo album. I also keep a collection of Kodachrome slides that preserve her days as a young women, dating my Grandfather and going on picnics. These slides printed in the same process as the rest of the series become a negative image, forming otherwordly distortions of another time that we did not exist in together.