Imagining the Archaeology of an Image traces the source of romantic constructs and semblances to consider how imagery seeps into our romantic desires.  In an attempt to lay among the folds of history, these objects reach back through a love story to connect the rituals of romanticization across time. Considering only a singular image, this archaeology searches for its present place in the world it left behind. To tell the story, a continuous scroll of code shares the data between two people on Facebook who have no posts in common. The image, cast upon objects, gains new form and function. This imagining asks us to reflect upon familiar photographic materialities from an unknown point in the future. Technology converges with the archaic, the lost with the found, and the understood with the unknown. Nearby, photographs sourced from the Visual Collections Repository at Concordia University connect the figural couple to an archetypal image of love. Images and vestiges transform into modern imaginations that yield to the realities of obsession and the deceitfulness of myth.

Special thanks to the Digital Image Slide Collection in the Visual Archive Repository (Faculty of Fine Arts Concordia University)