Through a self-reflective process using photographic installation materials, I explore the ways imagery becomes compulsion.  Surveying public archives, I investigate the direct impact of imagery on our physical environments and social landscapes. Through futurist imaginings, I treat imagery as archaeology, allowing the present place of images to inform on the world they left behind. The lost, the longed-for, and the absent keep me constantly looking backwards to understand the process by which romanticization drives travel, politics, relationships, and the ways we represent ourselves. By tracing the process of our engagements with the camera, I trace the ritualization of technology as an embodied performance of collective mythologies.



2020 -         MFA Candidate, Photography, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, United States

2016 - 2019  BFA Studio Art, Photography Program, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada

2011 - 2013   Classical and Near Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota Honors Program, Minneapolis, United States
                    (Transferred to Concordia University)


2021- 2022   Parlor Room Visiting Artist Program Co-curator, SAIC Photography, Chicago

2021-2021     Graduate Curatorial Assistant, SAIC Galleries, Chicago, Chicago

2020 - 2021  Teaching Assistant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

2020 - 2020  Research Assistant, Black Athena Collective, Chicago

2018 - 2019   President of the Concordia Photography Collective, Montréal, Canada

2017 - 2018   Board member & Representative, Concordia Photography Collective, Montréal, Canada

2013 - 2016   Photography instructor and Darkroom Director, Forest Lake Camp, New York, United States


2019   Fine Arts Student Alliance Individual Project Grant, Concordia University

2013  Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program grant, University of Minnesota

2012  College of Liberal Arts Freshman Research Award, University of Minnesota 

2011   Academic Scholarship, The Charles and Myrtle Stroud II Scholarship

2011   American Red Cross Volunteer Scholarship


2021   Out of Place Billboard Exhibition, Habibi House, Chicago, United States

2019    Concordia Photography Department Vitrine, Montréal, Canada

2018    Soir Festival, Ausgang, Montréal, Canada

2018    Aye Mag 3e Édition, La Factry, Montréal, Canada

2018    “No Chill”, IMCA Collective, Visite Collective, Montréal, Canada

2017    McGill Photographic Society Annual Exhibition, Montréal, Canada

2014    Ely Art Walk, Minnesota, United States


2019    The Waste Land exhibition, co-curation for Concordia Photography Collective, Centre des arts actuels Skol

2019    On a Scale of 1 - 10 exhibition, co-organization for Concordia Photography Collective in partnership with Feat Management, Galerie Viaduc

2018     Aye Mag Exhibition, curation for Concordia Photography Collective, La Factry

2018     Traces of Process exhibition, co-curation for Concordia Photography Collective, Glass Door Gallery

2018     DarkSlide IV, Clicks, Concordia Photography Collective 2018 Publication


2019   Invited applicant, On Making a Photobook (That Matters) by Alec Soth, FotoFilmic, Bowen Island


2021   Multiple Murders, Artist Book, Self-Published, Chicago

2019    Darkslide V, Dust, Concordia Photography Collective 2019 Publication

2018    Imagining the Archaeology of an Image, Artist Book, Self-published, Québec

2013    Album Artwork, Nora and the Janitors, “Girls Just Want to Have Gun”, Vinyl,  North Dakota

2013    Album Artwork, Nora and the Janitors, “Smoke In Your Black Sweater Is Where My Face Buried All The Memories Of You Went,” North Dakota

2013    MPLSZine, June Issue, Minnesota